Ancora una volta una 2CV è stata venduta all’asta, ed ancora una volta si tratta di una Sahara, la celebre e rara bimotore derivata dalla semplice duecavalli.
Siamo ad Indianapolis, giugno 2015, complimenti al fortunato acquirente che ha sborsato 70.000 dollari per averla in garage.

qui il link dell’asta

ecco la scheda della vettura:

Lot: 201  1963 Citroen 2CV Sahara 4×4

Sold: $70,00
Vin: TBA2CVSahara

Body Style:
Style: Sedan
Number Of Doors: 4
1963 Citroen 2CV Dual-Engine Sahara Edition
Designer: Andre Lefebvre
Estimate: $75,000 – $95,000

Engine: two 435 cc horizontally opposed 2-cylinder engines
1-barrel Carburetor/12 bhp
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Created by the Factory for Desert Extremes
Powered by Two Separate Engines
Complete Professional Restoration

The Model –Most everyone who is into automobiles has seen or maybe has owned a Citroen 2CV. It was a low-priced economy car for the masses designed to take country folk from point A to point B in relative safety. Known for soft suspension due to the rural roads of Europe, it actually did quite well in rallies, taking the bumps and ruts in stride and actually holding together. Looking to produce a model specific for the northern African continent, the Sahara version came to be. Tackling the problem, Citroen did was only a French car maker would do, rather than beef the suspension, or put in a bigger motor, they simply added a second engine to drive the back wheels. It was designed to cope with the worst of desert conditions such as sand storms and extreme heat. Creature comforts were typically bare minimum.

The Car –Finished in Battleship Gray, is a desert dunes cruiser. Surprisingly, the interior is upholstered in a rather attractive blue-white printed fabric and actually looks like it would be quite comfortable. While its early history is obscure, we know it made its way to Mexico where it was given a full restoration, where both engines were rebuilt and then displayed as part of a prominent collection near Mexico City. This is probably one of the rarest and most unique vehicles Citroen ever assembled one that many would think had been created by an outside company. With the smooth metal look, it is in excellent condition and features a roll-back soft top for open air driving. With the second engine taking up trunk space, a spare tire is strapped to the hood. One of the most unusual cars ever presented at auction, it is the dual-engine Sahara edition of the Citroen 2CV.

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